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Westports Is Reaping The Benefits Thanks To Its Productive Employees

Malaysia’s biggest and most successful port, Westports is reaping the benefits from the commitment shown by its employees who uphold their philosophy towards improving productivity as well as ensuring the optimum utilisation of its infrastructure.

Based on the “Westports” philosophy, which encourages the workforce to put forward suggestions for operational improvements, the approach has led to a definite improvement in the overall productivity of the port. This unique approach encourages employees to come forward with innovative ideas which have been proven to be extremely practical and useful for the operational enhancement of the port.

With a 36% compounded annual growth rate over a period of 20 years, it has come as no surprise that the Malaysian government recently approved the CT10-CT19 expansion. This expansion will enable Westports to cater for the long-term growth, strengthen Port Klang’s pre-eminent status in Malaysia, and also to continue to support Malaysia’s ongoing trade and economic requirements.

Equally important, Westports have been able to reduce berthing time of vessels and increase the average moves to 30mph a month.