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CSR Activities - 2017

  • 23 July 2017 – Westports teamed up with Infinity Logistics & Transport Sdn Bhd and Central Spectrum, and planted 3838 mangrove saplings at Sg Chandong, Pulau Indah. The purpose of the initiative is to preserve the ecosystem in Pulau Indah.

  • 21 July 2017 – Engineering team helped to cultivate the interest in engineering among the Pulau Indah students through Engineering Seminar organized at Westports.

  • 9 June 2017 – In conjunction with Hari Raya celebration, the Finance team helped the local community to shop for their basic necessities at Speedmart in Pulau Indah.

  • 29 May 2017 – Human Resource Department organized art and creative workshop for SK Pulau Indah students on the theme ‘My Ideal Township’.

  • 25 May 2017 – As the champions of environmental CSR programs, the Marketing Department of Westports welcomed the students of SMK Pulau Indah for a CSR event at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong.

  • 24 May 2017 – IT team audited all the PCs found in the IT Lab of SMK Pulau Indah in order to check for their status and to identify their suitability for usage by students.

  • 18 May 2017 – Sempena kehadiran bulan Ramadhan yang diberkati pada tahun ini, Westports telah menganjur- kan satu acara khas bagi menyambut bulan yang mulia ini dengan menyumbang kepada surau-surau dan masjid-masjid di Pulau Indah.

  • 5 May 2017 – The Planning team from Westports (Yard, Vessel & Berth) were in Kg Perigi Nenas recently for a CSR program. The CSR program is part of Westports’ initiative to look after the well-being of the people of Pulau Indah.

  • 20 & 27 April 2016 – SMK Pulau Indah students underwent a Career Exploration Program at Westports organized by Human Resource Department. The objective is to provide information on career opportunities at the port.

  • 19 April - 9 May 2017 – Engineering team helped to refurbish a dilapidated house at Kg Perigi Nenas, Pulau Indah.

  • 19 April – Finance team hosted a CSR event for The Special Kids at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah 2. Interactive apparatus and toys to improve the motor skills of the children were part of the contribution.

  • 8 April 2017 – Conventional team organized drawing and coloring competition for Asli Children to enhance the children’s creativity and to translate their ideas into drawing.

  • 4 April 2017 – Westports organized Community Sailing Program Certification Presentation Ceremony at Royal Selangor Yacht Club. 14 students were given the opportunity to experience the sport in sailing.

  • 31 March 2017 – The M&R department contributed hardware tools for the financially challenged students from Kolej Vokasional Klang (KVK).

  • 30 March 2017 – Westports CSR Committee and WJCC team visited SMK Pulau Indah to experience the Trust School culture in Pulau Indah.

  • 28 March 2017 – The Engineering Department decided to refurbish the house for an underprivileged family in Pulau Indah. Furthermore, they also constructed an additional room for the family.

  • 28 March 2017 – English Day 2017 at Westports Malaysia. Students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah 2 had a fun time learning English in various interactive methods. The objective of this program was to encourage students to learn the English language.

  • 4 March 2017 – The Conventional Department took on the mantle to set up a mini library and a reading corner at the Orang Asli Community Hall in Pulau Indah.