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CSR Activities - 2017

Sempena kehadiran bulan Ramadhan yang diberkati pada tahun ini, Westports telah menganjur-
kan satu acara khas bagi menyambut bulan yang mulia ini dengan menyumbang kepada surau-
surau dan masjid-masjid di Pulau Indah pada tanggal 18 May.

The Planning team from Westports (Yard, Vessel & Berth) were in Kg Perigi Nenas recently for a
CSR program. The CSR program is part of Westports’ initiative to look after the well-being of the
people of Pulau Indah.

Sometimes we forget how beautiful nature is. More so in this time and age where climate change
is a critical matter. We at Westports believe one of the best ways to combat climate change and to
protect our nature is by educating the younger generation.  As the champions of environmental
CSR programs, the Marketing Department of Westports welcomed the students of SMK Pulau Indah
 for a CSR event at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong.

The Conventional Department took on the mantle to set up a mini library and a reading corner at the
Orang Asli Community Hall in Pulau Indah

The Engineering Department decided to refurbish the house for an underprivileged family in Pulau
Indah. Furthermore, they also constructed an additional room for the family.

English Day 2017 at Westports Malaysia. Students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah 2 had a fun
time learning English in various interactive methods. The objective of this program was to encourage 
students to learn the English language

The M&R department contributed hardware tools for the financially challenged students from Kolej 
Vokasional Klang (KVK). 

The Special Kids for Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Indah 2 hosted our Finance team for a CSR event.
Interactive apparatus and toys to improve the motor skills of the children were part of the